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Behind the Music

Trevor Blake is an emerging Pop Artist out of Lansing Michigan. Spending his teen years in the Metal and Alternative Music scenes of Michigan, Blake took a very unique route into pop music. The 26-year-old singer has spent over 10 years playing guitar, keyboard, and singing in various bands in a number of genres most recently with Pop Punk band The New Models. After seeing good success with his band's hit "Over It" Blake felt compelled to take a shot at a solo career and during the 2020 lockdown taught himself piano while writing and recording his first full-length record.

Blake's life experiences often bleed into his work and he works strong imagery into his lyricism. Psychedelic themes are a staple of Trevor Blake's music, something he says he throws facets of into nearly every song.

2020 proved a big year for the artist and Blake expects even bigger things for 2021. With an arsenal of music ready to be dropped, expect big things for this artist as he builds upon what took years to create. Blake's début album "when i go down i'm taking you with me" is set for a 2021 release, keep an eye out for more music in the meantime.

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